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Plumbing and buying a house in Newton Abbot

When buying a house most people look at
The Location
The Decor
But who checks the plumbing or the gas central heating boiler ? This can leave you open to all sorts of problems.
Areas to be aware of are corroded and broken pipes - although a lot of pipe work is hidden, it is worth checking what you can.
Check shut off taps - are they easily accessible - are they stuck?
The gas boiler and poor hot water supply - check to see if the supply of hot water is strong , even run from several taps to see how strong the hot water supply is.
Drain smells / Broken Drains - check the drains are not backing up - run taps and make they drain quickly.Time it takes for water to turn hot - again to check the boiler is working well.
Can you see any dripping taps water stains left over from recent repairs.
These are simply checks that take moments to carry out but give you a little insight as to how the house system is performing.
So next time you are visiting a house in Newton Abbot - a quick check of the plumbing may save you time and give something to negociate over.

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