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‚ÄčIt's all hotting up for this customer!

Today's Combi Boiler fitted.
Another happy and warm client, plus the peace of mind of a 10 year warranty.
We don't just replace boilers, we service them too. Now's the time to get it serviced before the next big freeze.

Last chance before the cold weather comes in

Most home owners turn on their boilers for winter around mid October.Ideally checking your boiler before the cold hits will help reduce the risk of breakdown when the weather is at its chilliest. People who wait until winter arrives before performing a check risk boiler malfunction, higher utility bills and worse, safety problems from carbon monoxide leaks.

Here are some simple ways to reduce you problems

Ensure your boiler is working
Service your boiler
Revisit the Manual
Check for boiler leaks and buy carbon monoxide alarm
Noisy or frozen pipes
Check the boiler pressure
Timers and thermostats
Check your flue
Clean your boiler

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